6 Reasons why your business should invest in video surveillance

6 Reasons why your business should invest in video surveillance

As a business owner, it’s your job to take every reasonable step to keep your employees safe and your premises secure. Video surveillance offers a tried and tested way to safeguard your property round-the-clock, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Enterprise-level security cameras aren't just cheaper than ever, they're also becoming incredibly advanced. Here are some of the benefits video surveillance can bring to your organization:

#1. Monitor your business in real time

Today’s video surveillance systems are far more complex than the CCTV solutions that preceded them. While they all provide real-time monitoring, modern CCTV systems can connect to the internet to allow administrators to view the feeds from anywhere.

Since they work through the web, it’s possible to monitor the feeds from computers and mobile devices. Some even have the ability to add multiple sights to the same network to give administrators a real-time view of multiple branches in different cities and states.

#2. Improve employee productivity

Although video surveillance is sometimes controversial, most employees have come to expect it in the workplace, particularly in those where handling sensitive documents or valuable content is a routine function.

Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s a fact that employees work harder when they know they’re being monitored. Also, with video systems at your disposal, you can enable better communication and collaboration between branches and departments.

#3. Resolve business disputes

Conflicts can arise for a multitude of reasons, and while no one wants to get the feeling that every minute of their presence at work is accounted for, video surveillance offers the ultimate way to resolve business and legal disputes. Since video feeds are stored on a secure device or in the cloud, it’s practically impossible to tamper with them. This provides indisputable proof of what happened, helps resolve disputes faster, and provides evidence in legal cases.

#4. Reduce theft

Video surveillance has long been standard among big-box retailers and other businesses with expensive goods on site. Just knowing that the venue is being monitored round-the-clock is enough to make most would-be thieves think twice. The same applies in office environments, where insider threats remain a common problem.

For example, video surveillance might reveal the theft of confidential business documents. Most instances of theft can be easily avoided by using security cameras, and even if theft does still occur, you’ll at least have a recording to present to law enforcement.

#5. Keep customers and employees safe

Video surveillance isn’t only about ensuring business continuity. It also offers a way to improve safety in high-risk environments such as factory floors. This is especially important when lone workers could end up experiencing a fatal disaster if no one is keeping an eye on them.

In fact, in some industries, video surveillance is a legal requirement for ensuring staff safety. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor the actions of your employees to ensure that they are following your safety guidelines and policies.

#6. Store everything digitally

In the old days, video surveillance required huge amounts of tape, which regularly needed to be replaced. Nowadays, digital storage devices have amazing amounts of capacity, and a single hard drive can hold thousands of hours of recorded video. Digital recordings also come with easy-to-use search functions, allowing you to find specific footage whenever you need it. Once the capacity on your hard drive or network server runs out, it’s usually easy to add more storage or delete records that are no longer required.

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